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Welcome to our WiKi Site. Whether you're new to the web cam industry or are a seasoned veteran live chat model, you can find many important pieces of information on what it takes to become a sucessful web cam model.

Top Tips for Room Setup and Lighting

When it comes to being successful as a web cam model, here's the bottom line... Stay ahead of the game. Make sure your clients are well taken care of, so you can be well taken care of and vice versa. One of the top characteristics of a successful webcam model is often forgotten. One often focuses on looks, but one things is frequently overlooked. What's forgotten is how to properly set up your room to be balanced with the proper lighting to be consistently successful online. Where members and clients (and the like) can see all the details of the beauty that is you all the while setting a seemless cozy and intimate environment.

Wiki Web Cam Models - The Best Webcam Lighting 2011
Screenshot of on a wide-screen monitor.

Here we'll do just that as we discuss how to setup your room.

What is Proper Lighting?

What is proper or good lighting? One of the most important things you have to remember is to always perform in light for your webcam to properly focus and for all the colors to come out well. This will Drastically improve both the image quality of both still snapshot photos and video streams from your current webcam. It's well worth it. This results in a much higher private and spymode chat conversion rate (how often you go to private.)If the client/member believes they will be able to see everything, this will help out alot. Try and get rid of dark shadows. Make sure lighting is put in front of you on both sides and in front of you. Please take a look at the current models working with us and see the degree of lighting our models use to guage what you may need in your computer room.

The Best Webcam Lighting 2011Yes The Best Webcam Lighting 2011No

The Best Webcam Lighting 2011No

Logitech C260 HD WebcamNo

Now it's time to talk about the scene where you'll be performing and how you should present the room. We've already covered the importance of good, bright lighting in your room. Having a neat room is also very important. You want to have a neat / clean area. No kids, no animals, clutter, trash, food, etc..

Stand back and really look from your camera's point of view.  We took a look around at the girls who have been winning all the big bonuses every pay period. These (photo up above) are a good example of what you could expect a good web cam room to look like. .

Cameras are all centered to focus on them, The rooms are neat, clean, etc.. The all have sexy outfits and neat appearances.


Notice how they have the room set up? You may want to ditch the little computer desk in your living room. Grab a couch, a bed, a cushy floor setup with pillows, etc.. Whatever you do, make it hot!

Move your computer into the bedroom next to you or at the end of your bed.

Arrange things so you have everything you need at arm's length.

The Clients will always ask if you have toys and if you don't - it can affect your sales. 

If you don't have any, it's time to get some. Most beginner toys that are quality will run you $10 to $20. Dildo, VibratorAsk our staff if you have any questions.

Final note: You can use your webcam to take your stills but ideally you should take them with a proper camera. Webcam still images are notoriously low quality compared to even a decent 'point and shoot' digital camera. You can always ask for staff to upload profile pictures for you. We can upload it to your profile. Just send them to:

The better you look, the more successful you will be.

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Recommended Lighting to Use.

When performing in front of a camera, LIGHTING IS EVERYTHING. Ask any photographer. You are capturing LIGHT. Having good light, will make the average camera look alot better.

Not to mention, you will look better on cam. We usually set up 2 lamps like the ones below with 5 (40-60) watt bulbs each arrayed in front of you. Now you dont need to have all this light, just make sure you have bright light directed to the front of you, preferrably from both sides for the greatest results.

Most of you have enough lighting lying around, I'm sure, but here's a couple examples in case you're looking for a lamp or 2.

Here's some of the best kind for our line of work - These go for no more than $20 to $30 bucks new - look around and you could get it used for half that!:

Dynex Webcam (Mac/PC)$30 Logitech C260 HD Webcam$30

5 Head Standing Lamps

-Steady Base

-Can move around pretty easy

-Has multiple sources of light to help you with balance in the room (not too light or dark with little shadows).


$28 The Best Webcam Lighting 2011$35

2 Head Combo light

-Steady Base

-Can move around pretty easy

-Has multiple sources of light to help you with balance in the room (not too light or dark with little shadows).

3 Track Tree Lamp Light

-Steady Base

-Can move around pretty easy

-Has multiple sources of light to help you with balance in the room (not too light or dark with little shadows).

Bottom Line - Lighting goes a long way towards looking your best. Do yourself a favor and make sure your lighting is up to par.

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